These are projects I've been involved with, but that didn't reach the level of completion as some of the others. However, I'm still proud of the work that went into them.

Marzipan is a point-and-click game about an elephant that runs a food truck off his back with dreams of being a Big Time Pastry Chef. Collect ingredients, talk to customers in town to figure out which pastry they love the most, and then whip up their favorite confections. Make sure to give the right pastries to the right customers! Happy customers are more likely to spread the word about Marzipan's amazing food.

For this project I was in charge of most of the UI and programming, aside from the cooking mini-game which was handled by Miki Straus (who also did all of the adorable character art!)

This game has its flaws, but it was so much fun to make and holds a real special place in my heart.

Trailer by Sarah Puzio


In Conspiracy, the goal of the game was to uncover a spy on a military base and stop them from launching nuclear missiles. To do this, the player would have to gather clues from around the base and talk to different people on and off duty. However, there is a limited amount of turns, and the player has to tactically decide who to speak to and what rooms to enter/search for clues. When the timer runs out, a decision must be made.

I was mainly responsible for the art on this project, and doing a lot of the programming as well. This game never got 100% finished, but I wish we had more time to work on it, because there were some really cool ideas in here.
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